Mochi Mugi Japansese Style Barley

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Hakubaku history is based on developing and popularizing delicious and easy-to-eat barley rice- and this would not be an overstatement. Barley is packed with nutrients such as calcium, iron and fiber. Hakubaku made it easy to cook barley with white rice by removing the black crease running down the center of each barley grain. Hakubaku has developed a range of …

Traditional Japanese Organic Noodles

Traditional Japanese Noodles

marketing Traditional Japanese Noodles

Noodles such as udon, hiyamugi, somen and soba have been a staple of the Japanese diet for more than 1,000 years. We develop Japanese traditional noodle products that are more delicious and familiar so that they become an essential part of 21st century food culture. Our line of choice products includes such items as sodium-free noodles, noodles especially for baby, …

Barley Tea

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Barley tea is a caffeine-free beverage loved by people of all ages that can be enjoyed year-round. Hakubaku’s barley tea is an all-natural drink that can be enjoyed with peace-of-mind since it is free of caffeine, artificial colors and preservatives. Our blending team has achieved a remarkably rich flavor due to our own thorough, low-temperature roasting using hot-air roasters. Each …

Staple Grains

marketing Staple Grains

Assorted grains such as sticky millet, foxtail millet, amaranth, as well as beans like black soybeans and adzuki beans contain minerals, fiber, vitamins and other blessings of the Earth that modern humans often lack. We develop products using Hakubaku Proprietary Technology. At Hakubaku create easy-to-eat products helping people maintain their health by means of flavorful foods.

Milled Flour Products

marketing Milled Flour Products

Hakubaku has a variety of products; from institutional use to household baking. We not only carry ordinary wheat flour but we also produce unique grain flour products such as barley flour and millet flour, black rice flour, quinoa flour and pancake mixes. Read the sweet barley flour story and how you can integrate it into your recipes by clicking the Product …