Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki Flour Mixes

Okonomiyaki: Authentic & Savory from Japan

okonomiyaki mix
Hakubaku’s Okonomi-Yaki flour mix uses Japanese domestically produced wheat and is ground specifically for pancake. It's pre-mixed with powdered “Dashi”(broth) containing bonito flake, kelp, and yam powders. It makes your Okonomi-Yaki very fluffy, delicate yet rich, and delicious as if at an authentic Okonomiyaki restaurant in Japan.

Takoyaki: Crispy Outside & Fluffy Inside

takoyaki mix

Hakubaku’s Tako-Yaki flour mix uses Japanese domestically produced wheat, and is blended specifically for pancake. It is pre-mixed with powdered “Dashi”(broth) such as bonito flake, kelp and soy sauce powders. It makes your Tako-Yaki grilled fluffy inside and crispy outside, and authentically delicious.