Authentic Kaedama Japanese Style Noodles

kaedama ramen noodles package

New Resealable Pouch!

Authentic Japanese ramen noodles that are non-fried and made without artificial chemical preservatives.

Enjoy ramen-restaurant taste at home. Use in:

          • Ramen Noodle Soup
          • Kaedama (second helping of ramen noodles for your soup)
          • Brothless noodle dishes
          • Okonomiyaki
          • or noodle salads

New! 8 pack or 4 pack pouches for easy pantry storage.  Same great taste in a new zip-lock resealable container.


Soft Non-fried Noodles

No Chemical Additives. Made with egg white and KANSUI (Sodium Carbonate) for authentic flavor and texture. Wavy-shaped noodles hold just the right amount of soup. Shelf-stable and individually packed in 3.5 oz pouches for quick use.


Restaurant Quality

How do you like it? Cook in boiling water for 2:00min for al denete. For more tender noodles boil additional 30 seconds.
Our noodles are perfect for your own ramen soup, stir fry, or brothless noodle recipe!

What do you add to Ramen?


Balance: Bamboo shoots, bean sprouts or corn can add a lightness to the soups balance. Add a touch of pickled ginger for savoriness.


Egg :
Put egg in boiling water, simmer  7 Minutes. Cool in ice water.  Cut in half. Should be of a custard consistency


Fish Cake : Narutomaki is typically steamed fish cake that adds flavor and color. Traditional Chasu pork, boiled shrimp or imitation crab works too!


Scallions : diced and sliced balances pork or meat flavor.  Spinach can also be used.