Ultimate Guide to Authentic Japanese Ramen Noodles

What happens when you get a craving for authentic Japanese ramen noodles but are nowhere near a ramen restaurant? Don’t fret.. tackle this problem and make a bowl of ramen at home with this ultimate guide to ramen noodles.

Hakubaku carries a wide variety of noodles to cover your preference for different dishes. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just enjoy a good Tonkotsu- we have you covered. Below are some varieties of noodles we carry to help guide your choice for the perfect bowl of ramen.

What makes authentic Japanese ramen noodles?

Hakubaku Authentic Japanese Kaedama ramen noodles are soft and made with Kansui in the traditional Japanese way. Kansui refers to the water that has high mineral content. This combination gives true Japanese ramen its flexibility and holds up to hot soup broth without breaking down. You can use ramen noodles any way you like. Yakisoba, Ramen, or Stir-fry. Any recipe you can think of fits these tasty noodles.

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Organic ramen and other noodles give you options

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Our organic ramen noodles have a distinct chewy spring and a definite wheaty sweetness once cooked. Sold worldwide, our noodles recreate the ramen experience for any type of dish. Made from the best wheat stock, these noodles are favorites among our vegan and vegetarian fans as they contain: Organic Wheat Flour, Salt, Mineral Salts, Water – that’s it! Check out the recipes on the ramen page for some great ideas and purchase today from AMAZON or your local grocer.

What makes Hakubaku Japanese Noodles Different?

At Hakubaku our Japanese noodle lines come from years of development and the Japanese tradition of making noodles. We have been producing great grains and grain-processed products since 1941.

Therefore, we know a thing or two about the balance of ingredients for a great bowl of authentic ramen. Enjoy true Japanese noodles in our Hakubaku Shoyu and Tonkotsu Flavor Authentic Ramen kits and our Kaedama Authentic Japanese Ramen Noodle kits.

At Hakubaku flavorful Japanese ramen noodles are key. We never fry our noodles or use artificial chemical preservatives! All of our Organic, Kaedama, and Ramen Kits contain a perfect portion of noodles for you to use in any dish.