Fresh ramen series added to the Hakubaku noodles line

Costa Mesa, California USA

Hakubaku USA announced today three additional flavors to its Restaurant-fresh Ramen line from Japan. Umami Miso, Umami Chicken Shio, and Umami Shoyu bring the taste of a ramen restaurant you can enjoy at home. All three new flavors are single packaged and contain fresh noodles and hearty soup stock for a taste that rivals your local ramen restaurant. Hakubaku noodles are now selling in the US market under the Hakubaku brand on Amazon.

More information at Hakubaku USA

Hakubaku single-serve packs are made in Japan to traditional recipes handed down over generations of ramen artisans. Every single-serve Miso, Shio and Shoyu package contains both soft, fresh noodles and soup packet.

No MSG or preservatives

Hakubaku USA uses the FreshLock method to dry the noodle just enough to keep them soft, ready to use. No frying or preservatives are used in the noodle drying process. What results is only soft and fresh ramen noodles ready to use right out of the bag.

All Hakubaku ramen kit noodles and Kaedama noodles are shelf-stable and need no refrigeration. Our FreshLock method can only be found in Hakubaku restaurant-fresh ramen kits. Therefore what one gets is a truly fresh-ramen experience that rivals ramen restaurants- yet- can be experienced at home.

Early reviews are good

Early results and reviews in the marketplace have shown that the new Single Serve Restaurant Fresh ramen flavors are a hit with customers. Hakubaku strives to deliver the Japanese ramen experience to its customers with taste, texture, and recipes. See more about their complete ramen line that includes both 2-serve Tonkotsu and Shoyu sets at

Hakubaku is a world-wide company formed in Japan in 1941. Hakubaku corporation has offices/ facilities in Japan, Austrailia, and the United states. Hakubaku also carries grain products like Mochi Mugi (#1 pearled barley in Japan), baby noodles, organic ramen, organic soba, organic udon and organic somen. More about Hakubaku can be found at Inquiry can be found at